ccording to the Italian media news, the Roman name Totti is likely to join the North American Football League team Miami United.  equipacion atletico de madrid 2017, The owner of the second-class US league team is his Italian national team former teammate Maldini.

On Sunday, in September this year is about 41 years old Totti as a player, the last time for the effectiveness of the 25-year-old Roman team played,   camiseta atletico de madrid barata, and in the Roman Olympic Stadium for a grand farewell ceremony. Although you have bid farewell to the red wolf, but Totti has not decided whether to retire, or in other teams to continue his career.

camiseta atletico de madrid 2017According to the Italian media "CHI" news, Totti is considering to come to the United States, joined all the team Maldini Miami team, it is worth mentioning that the team's coach is Totti's old friend, AC Milan meritorious service Tiewei Nesta. Although Miami is in the US second-class league, but Totti and Maldini and Nesta's good relationship still makes this transfer possible.